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Food & Rum Tour - Inclusive Food Samples



Green Fig and Salt Fish

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“Green Figs” (aka green bananas) and “Salt Fish” (aka Salted Cod) is known to be the national dish of the Island which screams out uniqueness. The figs are boiled, flaked and sautéed with local peppers, thyme, chives, onions and other herbs and spices. The salt fish is also boiled just enough to wash away the correct proportion of salt then added to the green fig to make a flavorful accompaniment. Served as a salad, taste our culture at its best.

Cocoa Tea

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Start your day like a true Lucian with a healthy hot glass of Cocoa Tea. Although it is referred to as a tea, its characteristics are similar to milky hot chocolate, with a healthy twist. Its texture is less fatty and creamy, more fragrant with dark cacao nut and bitter sweetness, plus some warming spice such as nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise and bay leaf, simply magic in a glass.

Fried bakes

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Yes, these babies are fried, even though they are called Bakes. We also call them Float, which is probably a better name as they puff up and float to the surface once they hit the hot oil. Bakes are a very popular item among the food vendors on the island. You will find them being made at practically every festival, family gatherings, at the beach, in the market, or sometimes even randomly along the side of the road.



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Pemmie is a very unique dish which is a combination of cornmeal, grated coconut, grated pumpkin, sugar, essence and milk all wrapped up in banana leaves. The combination is then put to boil until it's properly cooked which is notified by the desired texture. You will be amazed on how different and great St.Lucia pemmie taste!

Casava Bread

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Cassava bread is one of St.Lucia's traditional dishes made in metal pots where it is heated and dried over a charcoal flame. It was known to be traditionally salty, however today many variations has been invented to incorporate sweetness with a combination of raisins and cherries. You really need to taste how awesome it is prepared here in St.Lucia. You're gonna love it!

Seasonal Fruits

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Get a taste of our locally grown fruits! Unlike all year round fruits such as Jelly Coconuts, periodically changing fruit selections will be available to you based on your arrival date to the island. Local fruits such as Soursop, Sugar Apple, golden Apple, Starfruit, local Bananas, mangoes and many more variations you might not have heard about.


Local Stone Oven Bread

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Taste a different version of bread , taste local stone oven bread! Before modern oven stoves were built stone ovens were one of the most popular methods of baking bread. You now have a chance to taste what bread used to taste like way back in the fifties.

Fried Breadfruit Balls

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Breadfruit is a staple food that is very rich in starch which transforms to sugars when very ripe. Picked at the right timing, the breadfruit is prepared with a mixture of eggs spices,cheese and bread crumbs to deliver an amazing taste.

Fried Plantains

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Fried sweet plantains are very popular in St. Lucia which is usually recommended as a side dish. The sweetness naturally comes from the organic plantains which is cooked to a semi-soft texture that is very easy to digest. These sweeties could get very addictive!


Additional food items such as grilled, stewed or fried fish, pork, chicken, octopus and many more unique menu options may be available for purchase at the allocated tour venues.


Food & Rum Tour - Inclusive Local Beverages



Piton Beer

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Enjoy the refreshing local beer of St.Lucia Piton Beer! The beer was named after the major landmarks Gros Piton and Petit Piton mountains located in Soufriere.

Del’s Rain forest Cafe Rum Punch

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Get refreshed under the hot sun with Del's Rain Forest Cafe Rum Punch! Taste the burst of flavors this one drink has to offer. The rum is mixed with several local spices and local pure juices making it suitable for both women and men to enjoy. No one does it better than Del's Rain Forest Cafe!

Local Spice Rum

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Enlighten yourself with an assortment of home made spice rums (usually called local Viagra). The rum is made of various spices, fruits and herbs which is left to ferment in alcohol for a specific period of time resulting in enriched and distinctive flavors. You will get to sample up to 9 different rum variations such as Pineapple, Mango, Cherry, Ginger, Turmeric, Tamarind and many more!


Piton Shandy

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Enjoy a refreshing shandy which contains only 1.2% alcohol! Perfect for light weight drinkers, this beverage comes in flavors such as ginger, passion fruit, lemon and sorrel. This drink will keep you wanting more!

St. Lucia Distillers Rum Tasting

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Taste a variety of local rums from St Lucia Distillers Group! Rums like Chairman’s Reserve Spiced which contains local spices and fruits including cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, all spice, lemon and orange. They have also added Richeria Grandis – known locally as “Bois Bande” – a bark renowned in the Caribbean as a potent aphrodisiac to give an added kick to the rum.

Blue Waters

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Enjoy the refreshing spring water on a hot sunny day! We will ensure to keep you hydrated throughout your journey to St.Lucia's delicacies.


Additional local beverages (including non-alcoholic beverages) may be available for purchase upon the various tour routes.