• Taste Beverages at Antillia Micro Brewery
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Welcome to the Bexon Tour Location

Below is an overview of what you will experience


Taste Beverages at Antillia Micro Brewery

Visit Antillia Micro Brewery to taste finely crafted beers. The brewery uses a traditional single infusion mash brew house to brew their beers. This is combined with open fermentation using a proprietary top fermenting ale yeast which adds unique character to their beers. Post fermentation, the beer is transferred to conditioning tanks in a cold room. Whilst yeast drops out of suspension, it leaves a bright finished product which is then carbonated and ready for serving.


Taste Local Foods at Glamity's Bar

What do you get there?

  • Spicy blood pudding
  • Various stew meats
  • Grilled fish
  • Lambi (conch) served with various sides
  • Local Music