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Welcome to the Canaries Tour Location

Below is an overview of what you will experience


View Beautiful Canaries

Get your cameras ready for scenic views from both Northern and Southern approaches of “Kanawe” (french creole name). The name Kanawe is derived from the Amerindian word for cooking pots, in the past Canaries had a large sugar plantation that ran inland up the valley that stretches in an eaterly direction from the village.


Taste Food Samples at Del’s Rain forest Cafe

What you get to sample there?

  • Green Fig Salad (National dish)
  • Hot Bakes and Cocoa Tea
  • Fried Breadfruit balls
  • Unique Salt Fish, Breadfruit Coconut milk/Curry special
  • Fried Plantains
  • Seasonal fruits

Taste Local Hand-Crafted Chocolate at Cacoa Sainte Lucie!

Cacoa Sainte Lucie is a an organic chocolate agri-business owned by a local resident named Maria.  Taking advantage of the many cocoa plants gown in St.Lucia, she has hand-crafted a series of different chocolate bars. The method used to produce these chocolates brings out a unique flavor you will fall in love with. Be intrigued by Canaries finest choloates!