St. Lucia Simply Beautiful

Last Updated: Feburary 19th 2018

St.Lucia is one of the most beautiful Caribbean Islands filled with spectacular views, mountains, nature trails, beaches, hotels, events, foods and rums. This volcanic island is more mountainous than most Caribbean islands, with the highest point being Mount Gimie alongside the Pitons (twin peaks) being the most famous landmark. Its nature makes it perfect for vacations, weddings and anniversaries. Although small (aprox 238.23 sq mi and population 179,000), St.Lucia has its way of entertaining visitors of all genres and ages. From the zip lining, mountain climbing, parasailing, waterfall/mineral baths and sulfuric mud baths to the laid-back food/rum tasting tours, chill spots and party events. If you love photography, food, party, hiking or whatever your interest is, St. Lucia is the right place to visit.